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1st October 2013
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In October 2013 Cherry Orange became a BT Local Business Reseller for the Derby and North Birmingham region and can now supply all the services that BT has to offer.

The region covers Burton On Trent, Swadlincote, Ashby-de-la-Zouch, Coalville, Measham, Ibstock, Barton-under-Needwood, Alrewas, Lichfield, Tamworth, Sutton Coldfield, Coleshill and Kingsbury so if you require a BT business service in these areas Cherry Orange can now advise, supply and commission in one process.

This is a great addition to Cherry Orange and a welcome move by BT Local Business as they have the infrastructure and the man power to deliver the BT business products but when installed the business can often be left with extra configuration and tasks outstanding to get the most out of the service.
What can Cherry Orange & BT Local Business now supply under the “BT Local Business Reseller” partnership?

Business Internet Access and BT Net services.


Offers a good all-round package that is great value
for money.
Total Broadband offers plenty of bandwidth for regular users of the internet, with download speeds of up to 16Mb. You can rest assured that your broadband won’t let you down because it‘s 99.99% reliable and business users take priority at the busiest times of the day. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will help get you up and running by the end of the next working day. You and your staff can even work when you are out and about with unlimited access to the largest wi-fl network in the UK.
Best for:
Businesses with a small number of users who need internet for browsing, sending emails and files.

Opening up new ways of working with higher speeds.BT Infinity for business gives you speeds that are up to 6 timesfaster than standard broadband. It is perfect for cloud computing and applications like video conferencing. BT Infinity for business is more than just speed though. it’s also about reliability. That’s why we make sure you’ve got at least 16Mb for uploading and downloading at the busiest times of the day. You’ll also get priority over home users then too. In the unlikely event that something does go wrong, we will help get you up and running by the end ofthe next working day.
Best for:
Businesses who are using the internet for sending large files, managing websites or using cloud—based services.

We aim to keep your business online, 100% of the time.
With BTnet you can choose the speeds you need. It’s is a dedicated line, which means it’s not shared with any other business. It‘s like having your own private road, no—one can get in yourway or hold you up. even when it’s busy. BTnet offers guaranteed upload or download speeds that never slow down, making it perfect for companies whose business absolutely depends on their connection to the internet.
Best for:
Businesses who have lots of people accessing the internet, or where the connection is crucial to running the business.

BT Business Lines.

Great benefits and service care options to suit your customers.
Our lines come with a range offeatures that can help your customers control their costs. With 5 BT Business lines to choose from
your customers can rest assured we’ve got a solution to meet their needs.
Quality voice calls with our PSTN phone lines.

A standard phone line forvoice calls — customers can take single or multi lines
Basic call management features included such as the answering service BT Answer 1571 and 1471 Call
Return Service, with the option to purchase additional calling features.

Featureline Compact and Featureline Corporate lines come with handy call management features to make handling calls a lot easier.

Featureline Compact

A phone line packed with call management features such as Call Diversion, Three—way calling and Call Waiting plus many others
Any touch phone can be used, but a featureline phone will give easy access to the features.

Featureline Corporate

Upgrade from a standard line to give customers the benefits of a small telephone system
Transfer calls between extensions, park callers, have 3 way conference calls and divert phones when out of the office
More advanced call management features included such as Hunt Group working, ensuring your customers never miss a call.

With our choice of ISDN lines your customers can enjoy exceptional digital line quality.


High performance voice and data service for small business offices offers clearvoice—call quality and fast, error free data transmission
Connect between 2-8 devices, such as telephones and digital fax machines
DDI (Direct Dialling in) numbers – individual numbers for employees, departments and teams
Three pricing options with different call allowances depending on the needs ofyour customer’s business.


As with lSDN2e, lSDN30e offers a high performance voice and data service alongside clearvoice—call quality and fast, errorfree data transmission
Each connection provides between 8 and 30 independent 64k channels, which can be combined for data hungry application such as high quality video conferencing ortransferring large data files
DDI (Direct Dialling in) numbers — individual numbers for employees, departments and teams.

BT Telephone Systems.

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