2nd March 2015

Microsoft Know it Prove it

February was quite a month with some new support contracts starting and my participation in the Microsoft Know it Prove it Challenge. This challenge was in key areas and I chose to take the Web Development challenge. The online videos were grouped into four sections; Developing in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Introduction to jQuery Introduction to ASP.NET MVC Building Responsive UI with Bootstrap Each of these then had around seven videos in each with a test at the end which was well suited to […]
4th February 2015

Measham fibre broadband update

For all our business support contracts in the following areas please feel free to get in touch about your upgrade plan to fibre as it is getting closer. These cabinets have recently been stood but are waiting for approval and connectivity. Please note that cabinets are subject to move dependent on BT’s infrastructure work. Measham 3, 5, 9 & 13 Earl Shilton 10 & 12 Sapcote 2 & 3 Osgathorpe 2 & 4 Twycross 4 West Wigston 5, 32 & 45 Great Glen 3 Measham […]
23rd January 2015

HP Partnership

I have not posted for quite a while but thought a quick share of our recent partnership with HP was in order.
5th November 2014

Happy Bonfire Night

We wish everyone a happy & safe 2014 bonfire night. Fire is a serious risk for business computer systems and a disaster recovery solution would be essential if it were to happen to you, 40% of businesses never reopen after a disaster and so forward planning and a tested solution will make sure you are in the 60%. Please get in touch for a no obligation quote on various solutions. Cherry Orange.
21st October 2014

Get rid of the IT ghosts with Cherry Orange

Get rid of the IT ghosts with Cherry Orange
14th October 2014

Cherry Orange – Windows 10 Technical Preview

As you have probably read all over the news Windows 10 (yes not 9) was released for Technical Preview, we don’t want to bombard you with what you will already know from reading the news but rather let you know we are already working on it. Cherry Orange are a Support, Solutions and Development Company and so supporting the new operating system is really important to any IT support company. The below video although not exciting is a basic check that our remote working software […]
14th October 2014

Dog Lead Hangers – New Website

Dog Lead Hangers – New Website The bold and vibrant dog lead hanger website is our latest addition to our ecommerce websites. The hand crafted personalised dog lead hangers are the latest creation from the Running Memories Company that we have been working with over the last two years, they make an ideal gift for any dog owner and come in two styles. The sites are built on the same platform and share the same checkout and payment systems. We wish the very best […]
24th September 2014

Damaged Network Cable

If you were ever wondering at what point you should change a damaged network cable we would like to share this picture of one that should have been changed a long time ago. Amazingly it was still working although I would not think it was performing at its best. This cable has now finally been retired and was replaced with a new stretch of cable which we routed around the outskirts of the office to keep it out of harm’s way.  
13th September 2014

Wireless Portal – Captive Portal

Well the summer is coming to an end and my holiday is feeling like a long time ago. We have had a tremendous summer with some really impressive computer and PC systems installed and configured, whilst I am working on getting the information of that work published I thought I would share a really interesting job that I have completed in the last week. As you may know we are located in Oak Tree House Measham and were recently commissioned to install and supply a […]
4th August 2014

Overheating computers & Servers

Every so often we get a machine that randomly cuts out or shuts down leaving no windows error logs that indicate what the issue might be, like the one pictured below it can be caused by a build-up of dust which causes them to shut down as the thermal protection is switched on This saves the computer from getting really hot and melting one of the components, if the thermal protection is not switched on your server or desktop computer you could be looking at […]