13th April 2012

Hosted Exchange

I have long been putting off moving Cherry Orange email into hosted exchange due to the fact that I spend so long doing other outlook migrations to start doing one of my own when I was quite happy with the old exchange system seemed like a job I did not need to do. The changing factor was seeing the great new outlook web access features in action when I was at one of my customers sites.web outlook is now really like being at your computer, […]
14th March 2012

Dell to acquire Sonicwall

Well only 9 days after my blog about setting up some hardware redundancy of a pair of Sonicwall Pro 3060’s Dell has announced its intent to acquire Sonicwall: “This morning, Dell® announced its intent to acquire SonicWALL®. This is exciting news for SonicWALL as it opens up new opportunities for growth for our company and solutions. For you, our customer, nothing changes. SonicWALL continues business as usual and you can continue to rely on our products, support and partners as you’ve done in the past. […]
12th March 2012

Moving Web Hosting Supplier

Occasionally we get calls from potential customers about moving away from their current website developer / web hosting company and want to know what is involved. First of all we explain that it is not like moving house at all, we don’t take days to pack everything up and then hours of hard work to get it all out again, when transferring websites to new servers we run the website on the new server before the old one is shut down to ensure that there […]
5th March 2012

Sonicwall Hardware Failover

In recent years Sonicwall firewalls have been used on a number of sites that we have worked on, the more cherry orange work with them and the revisions they make, the better these units seem to get. We recently have been working with a couple of Sonicwall Pro 3060’s making them perform in a hardware failover situation. Sonicwall make this a fairly straight forward task and list complete and detailed prerequisites in their documentation, we did however find a lack of explanation regarding the networking […]
1st March 2012

Local Accountancy Website Goes Live

Cherry Orange has launched the Measham based accountancy business website, AC Accountancy Services. The Site is a simple brochure style site with a few custom additions. A bespoke contact form to collect extra information that the business required and as always incorporates anti-spam measures to ensure that only real information is relayed. A Google maps area page was created to display a radius of the areas covered by AC Accountancy Services and using Google’s KML Code the map can be customized to the business requirements. […]
1st March 2012

Consumer NAS Boxes

Over the last few weeks I have had a number of encounters with a few consumer NAS (Network Attached Storage) boxes suddenly stopping which has made think I should drop a quick post here about how I have set a number of small businesses up over the years with a simple cheap backup solution. My most common one is just to protect the customer from any data loss on their local machine whether a desktop, laptop or tablet computer it is just a case of […]
5th October 2011

Cherry Orange Redesign

As you can imagine building websites for all our other customers we sometimes dont get the time to do our own, this year we decided to put some real time into the site and look after ourselves a little. We think the new site is great and easy to use and still has all the great features that the old site had. Enjoy and if you have any comments please let us know.
2nd March 2010

Abbey Motors MOT Website

The small family run garage in Polesworth commissioned Cherry Orange to develop and host a MOT booking system for their clients. The system had to meet a defined set of criteria which was then designed and built with the aid of the Cherry Orange Project Centre to keep the everything on track. The system has a back office admin area where the internal work and MOT’s booked from other avenues (phone, email etc.) are entered, this ensures that when a user views a date online […]