Cherry Orange – Windows 10 Technical Preview

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24th September 2014
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21st October 2014

As you have probably read all over the news Windows 10 (yes not 9) was released for Technical Preview, we don’t want to bombard you with what you will already know from reading the news but rather let you know we are already working on it.

Cherry Orange are a Support, Solutions and Development Company and so supporting the new operating system is really important to any IT support company.

The below video although not exciting is a basic check that our remote working software will work on this new version of windows, you will also notice that we have given you a sneak peak of the new menu and power option location. On this version we tested used the side swipe feature and top right hand corner screen view was not present although this could be included in the final release.

The transform feature is also really exciting as we believed it was a mistake on Microsoft’s part to try and push a single operating system interface across all platforms.

Looking at this video and using Windows 10 so far. I think they might have got it right this time.