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Business IT Services

IT Infrastructure

Excellent IT infrastructure is a crucial building block to a successful business; the decisions at this level can affect what the company can do going forwards.

As a business grows, it will require more from the IT infrastructure. Well-specified equipment and solutions will give more flexibility and less down time, something all companies need to avoid.

Well designed networks alongside correctly specified servers, desktops and laptops have been the backbone for the diverse systems that we have created over the years and why customers come back to us year after year.

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Cloud Solutions

Dynamic scalability, fast time to market and vast services & solutions in an instant are some of the advantages of cloud computing, Cloud computing can replace or enhance businesses existing IT, and with the correct guidance can create bespoke solutions to ensure business growth.

Azure, Amazon AWS and our own Cherry Orange cloud infrastructure currently run an array of business solutions for our customer base.

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IT Consultancy

IT consultancy or “freelance IT consultancy” can be interpreted in different ways. A consultant is onsite giving advice and direction on which direction you should take your IT systems and infrastructure, or a consultant onsite physically undertaking the tasks and projects that they recommend.

Cherry Orange work both ways. The majority of the time we undertake the recommendations that we put forwards, we enjoy working this way as we get to see the end solution, cost reduction or increase in productivity first hand. Small to medium business reap the most reward from this method of working.

IT consultancy is not just for larger companies, we undertake most of our consultancy with smaller and medium business, they get the full benefit of getting professional work taken without the on-going costs of having someone permanently employed. In these size businesses, it is a crucial factor in using consultancy to aid growth.

Website Development Partner - DAOSS

We are fortunate to be close to a local website design and administration company DAOSS.

As our infrastructure, hosting and support has grown over the years we are pleased to be able to work with a local company that knows what we do and how we do it, this means that customers can get the best from our range of hosting and services and we can relax knowing that DAOSS is looking after their online presence.

DAOSS have an end to end approach with websites by offering design, development, administration, data entry services, and social media which is something that we have seen so many of our customers struggle with over the years.

DAOSS aims to try and provide a bespoke service for individuals, as well as local and national businesses, so if you already have a website in place but you are not getting the best from your current supplier then we would recommend a quick call to them.

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