IT Consultancy

IT consultancy or “freelance IT consultancy” can be interpreted in different ways; a consultant onsite giving advice and direction on which way you should take your IT systems and infrastructure, or a consultant onsite physically undertaking the tasks and projects that they recommend.

At Cherry Orange we can work both ways but the majority of the time we are onsite undertaking the recommendations that we put forwards, we enjoy working this way as we get to see the end solution, cost reduction or increase in productivity first hand and find that small to medium business reap the most reward from this method of working.

IT consultancy is not just for larger companies and we undertake most of our consultancy with smaller to medium business, they get the full benefit of getting professional work undertaken without the on-going costs of having someone permanently employed which in this size of businesses is a key factor in using consultancy in key areas to aid growth.

If you are interested in IT consultancy then we recommend that you take a look thorough our IT services section to get an idea of what we can do for your business or contact us to discuss your requirements.