Any business that has two or more computers should have a network in place so that resources such as internet access, email access,telephony, software and devices can be shared across them increasing productivity and centralising company information for backup purposes.

Networks that are well designed and implemented can transform workflow in any business, but if they are setup badly they can cost you hours or even days of downtime.

Good network design ensures users stay connected with no disconnections and maximum throughput and as the shift towards cloud computing grows the requirement of a reliable network is becoming fundamental to any business.

Cherry Orange can provide support in extending cabled and wireless(Wi-Fi) networks, resolving issues and monitoring to ensure that as your business grows your computer network keeps everything connected.

Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)

Wireless networking is no longer inessential to a business with the rise of BOYD(bring your own device) and laptop computers becoming the norm in the workplace the strain on wireless can often be the first thing to show in a growing business. Cherry Orange can upgrade and advise on the best way to ensure that your business has wireless that works reliably but keeps your internal resources safe as visitors and staff use non company devices.

Point to Point wireless (PtP or wireless bridge) for building to building links has been implemented on a number of our customer sites to allow extending of the network without physical cable runs or complex internet based virtual networks. This technology has been successfully used to join warehouses,office blocks,friends houses and farms together for services from backup,telephony and access to files on company servers.

Local Area Network (LAN)

Structured cabling for joining an offices workstations, telephones, printers and servers comes in various categories such as Category 5, Category 5e Category 6, Category 6a, Category 7 to name the common ones.

Each category of cable can support different frequencies and has its own requirements for installation. Cherry Orange installs, maintains, designs and oversees many of its customers cabled networks to unsure users enjoy trouble free fast access to company resources.

Network Printers / MFP (Multi function printers)

Many of our sites utilize multifunction printers which connect via wireless or network cable to give access to a large number of employees. Control of what can be printed and by who can be controlled via a policy controlled by the server and scan to email functionality is often used by employees on a daily basis.

Cherry Orange have worked with network printers and MFP devices for many years and we have our own email transport system (SMTP relay services) in place for the scan to email functionality which can be set up in a few hours.

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