Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband provides an excellent solution to the 10% of the UK who can’t currently get fibre.

There are really only two controlling factors. Firstly, can you get a line of sight to the satellite you want to use, and secondly do you have a power source?

What’s more, we find that it 99% of cases even if a line of sight is an issue, we can either relocate the antenna to your property or point to another satellite to get you connected to our high-speed services.

Your PC or router is plugged into a special satellite modem that we'll install inside your property.

Your satellite modem is connected to a special satellite dish - typically 76cm in size - that we'll fit to the outside of your property, pointing it precisely at the southern sky.

The satellite dish communicates back and forth with the ASTRA satellite fleet.

The ASTRA satellite fleet communicates back and forth with the main uplink located in Luxembourg.

The uplink is directly connected via multiple Gigabits of bandwidth to the wider internet in general