Servers come in many different sizes(rack,tower,wall mount), types(Storage,Application,File, Print,Domain) and these all have varying costs, we specialise in installing and maintaining servers in business and education environments so that our customers get the correct server that is fit for the intended purpose.
Server upgrades, migrations and virtualisation can be done in our out of hours depending on the individual customers requirements but we always advise the best possible route to avoid disruption to the working staff or pupils.

Our Support services have special pro-active checks to ensure that the server is running at it's optimal performance and that any issues are resolved before they impact the business.

File servers / Storage servers

File servers are used to allow multiple workstations to access files such as databases, documents, images, movies across a network simultaneously. File servers commonly do not perform computation tasks as this role is often undertaken by the application server.

Storage of a company’s files in a single location aids in backup procedures and allows for user access restrictions and permission based groups to be setup so that sensitive information access can be controlled and audited.
Cherry Orange is an ISDecisions partner and have implemented a number of auditing systems to control and report on data theft in the workplace.

Tower Servers

Tower servers are useful for businesses that only require a single server to fulfil their requirements. A single tower server can be specified to control the Domain (Active Directory etc) serve files/documents and is often used to share certain applications such as Sage, CRM(customer relationship management) software and other brands of accounting and invoicing software packages.

A tower server should not be confused with a standard PC as a properly specified tower server will have multiple processors, hard drives, memory modules and power supplies for redundancy. With any client-server environment, server failure will result in loss of productivity for the business or school.

Cherry Orange configure, implement and support any make of server but we are trained and recognised partners for HP / HPE ProLiant and DELL PowerEdge servers.

Rack Servers

Rack Servers are more common in businesses or schools with a larger number of staff or students and are so called due to them being able to slot into a server rack or cabinet. They come in various sizes which are referred to as a U, a U is an abbreviation for unit and measures 44.45 mm high and 465 mm wide (centre to centre).

Typical equipment comes in 1U,2U,3U,4U and 5U and can be a variety of equipment such as servers, switches, phone systems and patch panels.

Their design allows for them to be stacked within the rack and gives a business or school the ability of expanding the infrastructure by installing another rack mounted server into the cabinet or replacing one with a newer server when more resource or different functionality is required.