We have agreements in place with all major software vendors in retail and licence form, these cover Microsoft, Adobe, HP, Office 365 and many others. As software is evolving into a recurring licensing system it is important to use a supplier that can ensure you are always covered. Cherry Orange has invested in automated systems to enable you to continue to work without having to worry about the legalities of your licences.

Licensing Audit

Are you unsure of the licences that you currently have at your business? If so then we can help with the auditing and documentation of your business and recommend a better licensing method if we feel appropriate.

Discount Software

Companies and organisations software licences, Microsoft licences and volume licences (Select, Open, Enterprise) that are no longer trading or have over licenced - are in most instances legally available for resale.

Discount licencing via this method has been an option for reducing IT licencing costs for a number of companies that we have dealt with. With each licence we provide proof of purchase and notify manufactures of the transfer of the licence so that you are adhering to their terms.