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Connectiviy & Broadband Services

Fibre Broadband

We provision all types of business & home grade connections including fibre to the cabinet(FTTC), fibre to the premises(FTTP) and ADSL.

Once your circuit is live it will then be monitored by our internal systems to ensure continuous service.

Leased Lines

There are many reasons businesses switch to leased lines, but the main one is reliability.

It will give your business the ability to expand knowing your internet infrastructure can cope with the extra demand

Microwave Leased Lines

Wireless leased lines, also known as Microwave Ethernet/ Microware Leased Lines can provide you with all the same benefits that traditional Ethernet Leased Line connectivity can provide.

Branch Connectivity

Interbranch connectivity will allow you to use the same resources across all your branches reducing overheads. This can be achieved by dedicated circuits or secure seamless VPN solutions.

4G / 5G

4G and 5G is an ideal connectivity option when connections are needed quickly or for remote locations, these solutions can be bonded together to increase resiliency and performance.

Remote Working

Remote working is now common in every business, VPNs, hosted desktops and software as a service is becoming a standard requirement as hybrid remote working will become the norm.

We have designed, maintained and developed hosted solutions and remote working connectivity solutions for various customers depending on budget.


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