Cyber Attack – 2014

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31st May 2014
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16th June 2014

The latest “Cyber Attack” & “two weeks to protect yourself” news articles are causing quite a bit of confusion so we are going to try and explain.

The reason for the high publicity is that two pieces of malware (bad software) are being distributed and the network of infected computers (botnets) that are controlling these have been partially and temporally disrupted; but they are potentially going to become more active again, this is the reason for the two week window.

The first one “Gameover Zeus” or “GOZeus” is basically monitoring your pc trying to get you bank details.

The second “Cryptolocker” will start if nothing is gained from the previous one; this one is nasty as it encrypts your files and requests a fee (which you should never pay) to de-crypt your files which you will be unlikely to ever retrieve.

It is worth noting that the above malware is detectable by good upto date antivirus software and to infect the machine you would have to open a suspicious link or email attachment, previous versions and variants date back to 2011.

If you want a security solution then Cherry Orange are AVG partners so please get in touch with us and we can send you an instant install; please get in touch for price as it has a few different options.

AVG Quote;

“The first thing users should do is to make sure that their security software detects both of these threats and is fully updated. AVG, for example, detects and mitigates both Gameover Zeus and Cryptolocker.”