End of Window 7

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Thinking about the new year in the middle of July isn’t something any of us like to do, but there is one important date you should all be aware of and planning for if you run Windows 7 on any of your devices.

Tuesday 14th January 2020 is the day that Microsoft will stop its support and security updates of the Windows 7 system.

While this does not mean that you will not be able to continue using Windows 7, you should be very aware that your PC will become at an increased risk of viruses and the possibility of security breaches.  This will be due to Microsoft no longer providing any technical support or supplying security and software updates.

Since the release of Windows 7 in July 2009, as with all new Microsoft Windows programmes run with a 10-year lifecycle policy, the initial 5-year period of mainstream support ended early 2015 with the extended support due to finish on the January 2020 date. From this date no further work will be done on this system by Microsoft and users should be aware that patches and security updates will not be in place therefore leaving security, data protection and compliance unprotected.

So, what are your options.

Planning is the key and something you need to be thinking through in the next couple of months.  From upgrading your Windows system to a possible replacement of equipment there are options for you to consider. 

Whether you are wanting to replace your old equipment or upgrade to Windows 10 in your current devices, at Cherry Orange we are always happy to support our clients through these types of changes to keep your business running smoothly and safely into the new Year.

Go to our “CONTACT” tab to make and enquiry to see how we can support you through the change.