Google Maps

Website Design – Local Businesses
29th May 2012
Measham Campaign Against The Smell (C.A.T.S)
6th August 2012

Google Maps has been around for a good number of years now and is the most popular standard map found on a “Find Us” page on personal and business websites.
Cherry Orange has also used this maps technology on numerous occasions for that exact reason and in the last twelve months has been expanding its use on customer’s websites with more features and information.
In that period we have made a site load a KML code file that displayed a radius on the map of a business catchment area, Plotted local attractions on a map with a business at the centre to reiterate what a great location that business was in, A list of all a business’s branches so that a user can find the closest branch, Non radius regions for a business that wanted to only display certain non-circular areas that it was willing to work in, and next but by no means last on our agenda is the integration of webcams on to Google Maps which will display a webcam image within the map.

A map can be tailored to suit exactly what you are after and we prefer to give the user a more feature rich experience when visiting a site that we have designed, that way your visitor is more likely to return again and again.
If you would like any further information around what can be done with the Google maps technology then as always please feel free to get in touch.