Hosted Exchange

Dell to acquire Sonicwall
14th March 2012
Symantec System Recovery
23rd April 2012

I have long been putting off moving Cherry Orange email into hosted exchange due to the fact that I spend so long doing other outlook migrations to start doing one of my own when I was quite happy with the old exchange system seemed like a job I did not need to do.

The changing factor was seeing the great new outlook web access features in action when I was at one of my customers sites.web outlook is now really like being at your computer, better still our new hosted exchange can be used on any internet connection with no need for a VPN tunnel into you works network. That and the fact that you Blackberry, iPhone or Android phone can connect into it means you will never be without access to you Email, Contacts, Tasks, Calendar and with a whopping 25gig limit don’t worry about having to clear out those emails you have plenty of time before you even get close to filling that up.
The transfer as you can expect from Cherry Orange was smooth and without issues and downtime was a minimum which is in todays fast moving world is a must.
Get in touch if you are interested to discuss many of the great new features, chances are you will be contacting us through this great system so we won’t miss it.