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23rd April 2012
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30th April 2012

It’s been a good two weeks now using my own email account in Cherry Orange’s hosted 2010 exchange from our own local 2003 Exchange server  and I can definitely say it’s one of the best internal jobs I have done for a while. As you may know I was not looking to forward to the move but it went very well with virtually no downtime and zero lost emails,( I would expect nothing less from Cherry Orange).

I am not posting this to brag about our already well know great IT support but more to give credit to Microsoft on a great product. The web interface has been useful as when I have been working on site and not wanted to get my own laptop out (working on a server or desktop) I have just entered my webmail address into the current internet browser and picked up my emails and replied. I have set out of office via my phone when I have not got my laptop to hand and it has also been used when juggling meetings around that have been originally entered via my iPhone, the tasks into the reminders section of the phone was a great feature that I was not aware of so pleasantly surprised there.

Outlook has become the business email tool of choice and why anyone would want to limit that functionality by not moving over to Exchange 2010 to power it is not using it to its full potential.
I am extremely happy with the new exchange system in place and by having it the same hosted system as all our customers I think that the best job you could plan for this year, is a migration of your old 2003 Exchange server or other legacy email server into our Hosted 2010 Exchange platform.