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Cost reductions

Are you paying to much for your IT? Invoices with IT jargon and no detailed breakdown of what the service is for?
If you are, we can help by auditing and reviewing your IT estate to ensure you are only paying for the services that you require and ensure that suppliers are giving you the best possible deal on the services that you need.

Software compliance

Being compliant with software to avoid fines and removal of services is often overlooked, this can result in costly fines and downtime. Cherry Orange have arrangements and partnerships in place with all major software vendors. We can advise and organize licence changes and renewals to make sure businesses are only paying for services required and are on the best possible solutions.

Software audits can be undertaken across businesses to ensure that no overlap in software exists and users are not requesting software that is not required.

IT Security

Are you concerned that your employees have access only to required files and folders and that company data is GDPR compliant and you are protected against breaches? Data breaches can result in fines of up to 4% of a company's annual turnover, or 20 million (whichever is greater), this is not including the damage to a businesses reputation which can follow long after the fine gets paid.

Restricting, recording and continual monitoring and improvement of how a business monitors and protects its data is fundamental to a businesses success, we can advise, implement and review this on an ad-hoc basis or defined schedule depending on your business requirements.

Project management

Any change of service, software or type of system causes disturbance and anxiety in a workplace; this is often an overlooked cost to business as training, staff changes and disapproval are common during such transitions.

Our project management of such changes covers all aspects of such changes so that the business can have realistic timescales and clear indications of issues and delays that we would envisage.

Asset management

IT assets can become unmanageable, with equipment not being reprovisioned or unaccountable cost to the business can escalate. During staff changes, breakages can go un-noticed and missing; available equipment can be missed as new members of staff demand equipment to start doing their new role and departments take issues to get people working "as quickly as possible".

We have internal systems to manage, track and build a history of companies IT assets so that we can identify what equipment is failing and why.

System deployment and roll out

"Rolling out" software or devices is closely aligned with proper project management, there are systems and processes that can be implemented with IT deployment that mean end-users in an office or the field will get identical systems and setup ensuring that any training previously supplied will not be affected by faults and issues. Alongside deployments, recording and authorizing, equipment and licences will ensure that the business knows where costs are incurred and the percentage of “roll-out” that is complete.

We have deployed systems using remote offices, engineer site visits, delivery swap out with defined actions and one to one appointments to our offices, all of these were tailored to the business and deployment involved.

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