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Any business that has two or more computers should have a network in place so that resources such as internet access, email access,telephony, software and devices can be shared across them increasing productivity and centralising company information for backup purposes.

Networks that are well designed and implemented can transform workflow in any business, but if they are setup badly they can cost you hours or even days of downtime.

Good network design ensures users stay connected with no disconnections and maximum throughput and as the shift towards cloud computing grows the requirement of a reliable network is becoming fundamental to any business.


Servers come in many different sizes(rack,tower,wall mount), types(Storage,Application,File, Print,Domain) and these all have varying costs, we specialise in installing and maintaining servers in business and education environments so that our customers get the correct server that is fit for the intended purpose.

Server upgrades, migrations and virtualisation can be done in our out of hours depending on the individual customers requirements but we always advise the best possible route to avoid disruption to the working staff or pupils.

Our Support services have special pro-active checks to ensure that the server is running at it's optimal performance and that any issues are resolved before they impact the business.


Fast and secure backup and replication to the cloud

Get physical and virtual backups off site and replicate VMs (virtual machines) without the cost and complexity of building and maintaining an off-site infrastructure. Veeam® Cloud Connect provides a fully integrated, fast and secure way to back up and replicate to a service provider's cloud repository.

Simply choose Cherry Orange as your service provider and point your backups or replica jobs to the cloud — cloud-based disaster recovery and off-site backup has never been so easy.


Desk-based computers are the backbone of many offices and can come in various sizes and styles; we only supply new and refurbished mainstream supplier devices to our customer base. This decision is due to the structured support and updates that are not obtainable for a bespoke made machine. Our clients range from two to two hundred devices, our SLA's and uptime is only possible due to the hardware that we supply.

In 2017 we brought mainstream supplier refurbished desktops into our portfolio, these now account for a large percentage of our client's machines, this has given them considerable savings.

We are aligned with the two largest distributors in the UK and have an array of tools to specify and deliver desktops for daily business use. High powered devices for power users such as Autocad, Solidworks & Photoshop can be specified directly with mainstream suppliers and built to order.

Our managed customers received their desktops pre-configured and set up ready to use within short timescales, enabling them to grow the business as required.


Laptops are now becoming the norm in offices as their power and performance are now on par with desktop devices. The added portability was vital in the movement of office-based staff to their homes as the UK went into lockdown on the 23 March 2020. This event meant the percentage of laptops that we supply to small and medium business now being higher than desktops.

We can specify high powered laptops direct from mainstream suppliers which would typically have had to be desktop devices enabling office-bound users to become mobile.

Our managed customers received their laptops pre-configured and set up ready to use within short timescales.


Security issues cost small businesses too much precious time and money. Data security is an area we have seen small & medium companies fail in over recent years with internal data breaches being number one. We have partnered with key suppliers to make sure that file and folder access and machine access can be monitored and controlled to make sure the work you pay your staff to undertake stays under the ownership of the company.

Advanced Internet security has been implemented on 95% on our customer's sites over the last three years, we have had recognition from several suppliers for our project management and deployment in this area

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