Bespoke IT Support

A bespoke package is a great place to start if you are unsure what your IT needs are or don’t know how to take it to the next level.

Small and start-up businesses

Start up and small businesses often are unclear of what they need or even where to start and find our bespoke service the perfect solution to this problem. It allows them to get exactly what they need. Often pre-designed packages that can be bought on line for you to install yourself, contain elements that you don’t need or will not be compatible with what you do. Preventing waste of both hard drive storage space and resources is something Cherry Orange is keen to do as we know every penny counts in a business of any size.

Existing businesses with IT already in place

As your business grows we can provide options to help you continue to grow and take your company IT to the next level. From additional computers being integrated into your current systems or a new phone set up, we can help move you forward in a speedy and professional way to limit downtime. Synchronizing systems and employee’s ICT can throw up issues that our extensive knowledge can either prevent prior to the merge or resolve quickly after the event to reduce downtime and keep you doing what you to the best – running your business.

IT system replacements and upgrades

It is inevitable that over time you will need to upgrade and even replace your computers, printers and phone systems. Our partnerships with Microsoft, HP and Veeam allow us to be fully informed on the latest changes within the industry enabling us to provide the latest versions and support available. Our staff use these systems daily, so you can be confident we are able to know exactly how to train and talk you through shortcuts and any issues you may experience.

Premises Moves

Cherry Orange are always delighted to hear of businesses that are expanding and moving to new premises, but we have all moved equipment only to find spare connectors and cables at the other end. The flexibility of this bespoke services allows a smooth move and reduces the time you are off line with your customers.

Other services that we offer ...