Education IT Support

IT Support contracts and projects in Primary and Secondary schools are a key area for Cherry Orange and we are bringing our business processes with IT procurement and IT support to the educational sector.

We are here to implement and support your schools IT equipment and ensure it is running as efficiently and effectively as possible so that teachers can get on with their role of teaching children.

We aim to assist you in raising the standards of IT within your School by enabling staff and students to adopt and utilize technologies for various aspects of the curriculum as this will help to ensure educational targets are met.Working together we can implement our mix of experiences, which will help transform and enable the effective use of ICT within your school.

The long standing relationships formed with our schools are essential to both Cherry Orange and our technicians. The partnerships that follow allow us to feel like we are part of the school team and not just a faceless external service which your staff and governors will welcome.

The safeguarding of your pupils is undertaken as seriously as your teachers and all our engineers are fully qualified and DBS checked.

Our approach through current technology and methodologies as well as feedback from staff, governors, parents & pupils drives success for both Cherry Orange and the school's we support.

Amount of classroom technology


Teachers that think they dont have enough classroom technology

Cherry Orange have aligned with major ICT suppliers and have educational pricing structures in place to make sure your school IT budget goes further than with any other supplier whilst not having to resort to no standard specification equipment

Reliability of ICT in class

Cherry Orange offer a high level of consultancy to ensure that the reliability of your IT equipment in the classroom will be as high as possible, with our internal logging and monitoring system unreliable IT equipment can be identified and resolved.

Teachers that think their ICT is too unreliable in class

ICT Training


Teachers that think they are not given enough training to use ICT effectively

Cherry Orange documents and distributes all information freely to users to ensure that they get the most out of the systems and work we undertake, further training is given when required and can be delivered ad-hoc or via structured session on or off-site.

Time to resolve ICT issues

Cherry Orange utilize a full lifecycle support system that is constantly monitoring the time that takes us to identify, respond and resolve issues that are either identified by our own internal monitoring systems or the school.

Teachers that think their ICT issues take to long to resolve

Cherry Orange are a Microsoft Authorised Educational Reseller which enables us to find the best licensing method for cost and compliance and if used with our free school audit your schools IT will be one area that you can rest assured is correct.