Local Accountancy Website Goes Live

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1st March 2012
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5th March 2012

Cherry Orange has launched the Measham based accountancy business website, AC Accountancy Services.

The Site is a simple brochure style site with a few custom additions.
A bespoke contact form to collect extra information that the business required and as always incorporates anti-spam measures to ensure that only real information is relayed.
A Google maps area page was created to display a radius of the areas covered by AC Accountancy Services and using Google’s KML Code the map can be customized to the business requirements.

Cherry Orange hosting and web mail is also supplied and used to ensure that emails can be sent and received wherever an Internet connection is present and that the site is always available.

This brochure style site was developed for under £300.00, so if you are in the market for a clean simple start-up website then please get in touch.