Measham Campaign Against The Smell (C.A.T.S)

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26th June 2012
Old Ivy House Bed & Breakfast
10th November 2012

As any resident or visitor will tell you at times the Air Quality/Stench/Odour in Measham is unbearable with the smell that comes from AB Produce at Westminster Industrial Estate.
This problem has been on-going since 2004 one year after AB Produce had opened at the Measham site.

A local Campaign has been running in recent years (Campaign Against The Smell,” C.A.T.S”), but even with the intervention from environmental health which recently stated they can’t do any more to help, the stench keeps on plaguing the Village of Measham.

Cherry Orange got involved in recent months due to this continued smell and has developed a microsite to help the cause, using custom forms and database residents can log the days and some other basic information of the odours. This is then presented on charts for full visibility; this will then be used to drive actions to stop this persistent annoyance to the residents.

Please take a look at the microsite at , if you are local please get involved as the campaign needs people to back it if it is to be a success.