Monitoring, Back-ups and Batteries

Office 365 – Microsoft Teams
21st August 2019
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23rd September 2019
UPS Power supply

When CHERRY ORANGE say we monitor your systems, we really do both day and night.

During August our systems alerted us to two major issues with our client’s servers to say that the connectivity had been lost out of working hours.

We immediately investigated and called the primary out of hours contacts to alert them to major issues before heading out to the sites.  

We were on one site until the early hours of the morning with one fault and the other was a Sunday afternoon call out and we were back in contact with both sites at the start of the next working day to ensure that the faults had been fixed out of hours and that the staff were able to work without any delay.

The Sunday afternoon call out followed an alert in our system which originated from the lack of a UPS (uninterrupted – power -supply) on the customers equipment proving that our continual monitoring system work on various types of outages.

Without our monitoring systems raising the alerts on these sites, these faults would not of been raised until the start of the next working day and would have cost the company staff productivity instead of the couple of hours work time once Cherry Orange arrived to site to fix the faults.

Simple power cuts like this can cause these types of major outages and having companies see the importance of having a UPS (back up battery supply) installed on site these issues are easily prevented.  Although the initial outlay for a backup battery is sometimes costly, this event clearly shows how vital monitoring and back up systems are to the productivity of a business.

The very slightest fluctuation in power causes the backup battery/UPS to automatically kick in to prevent any dip in power causing systems to crash and the loss of productivity, orders, projects and unsaved work without prior warning.

As we all saw in the news, back on the 9th August, a national power outage saw major parts of the national grid fail across the country to homes, transport and businesses.  No doubt the financial cost to businesses large and small in the affected areas will still be being counted. A simple installation of an on-site battery would protect your business should this happen in your area. 

Here at CHERRY ORANGE we are proud of the service we provide and our monitoring systems that work 24/7 for our clients.
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