The month ransomware hit the big time

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1st April 2017
Identity theft at epidemic levels.
1st September 2017

May 2017 saw the WannaCry ransomware bring down the majority of the UK’s NHS IT systems and reduced many departments back to paper based systems where possible, surgery was cancelled and A&E departments warned the public to stay away.

So what is ransomware?

Wannacry Screenshot

Wannacry Screenshot

Ransomware is now one of the biggest threats to a company computer systems as it encrypts the files and displays a message requesting a ransom payment for the supply of the encryption key/program to unlock your files. The payment will be requested in bitcoin and Cherry Orange do not recommend paying the requested amount as there is no guarantees that you are going to get the encryption key, your files back or even another request for even more money.
This form of threat to a small business’s infrastructure can be devastating due to lost productivity and if your backups are not in order then you may never get your files back.



Should you be questioning your IT support company about it?

Definitely!! :- The Wannacry ransomware got into systems using a Microsoft Windows exploit that had a critical security patch released for supported systems on the 14th March 2017, the attack began on the 12th May 2017.
That’s 41 working days that your IT company could have rolled out the security patch to your systems as long as they had advised you to be on supported platforms.

If you are unsure of company’s security and questioning your existing suppliers support then please get in touch with Cherry Orange and we will be happy to arrange a meeting to discuss.