Moving Web Hosting Supplier

Sonicwall Hardware Failover
5th March 2012
Dell to acquire Sonicwall
14th March 2012

Occasionally we get calls from potential customers about moving away from their current website developer / web hosting company and want to know what is involved.
First of all we explain that it is not like moving house at all, we don’t take days to pack everything up and then hours of hard work to get it all out again, when transferring websites to new servers we run the website on the new server before the old one is shut down to ensure that there are no surprises when the switch over happens.

We thought it would be a good idea to publish a bit about how we go around bringing a website from your current supplier over to Cherry Orange web hosting so that you can see it is not such a big issue and that it is relatively straight forwards.
Please note that if there is tension between you and you current supplier we are more than welcome to intervene to eradicate any potential issues.

  1. First of all we need access to your current website.( FTP access and database access information if required)
  2. We backup all your data and create the site on our servers.
  3. We test the website on the new server to ensure that all is working.(if not we usually resolve the issues free of charge)
  4. We setup any required email accounts and also discuss the possibility of getting your historic emails, if you can supply them we will import them.
  5. If the site has changing content e.g. ecommerce then we pick a date for the transfer and bring over backups to the new server just before the change.
  6. We then change the name servers of the domain so that your domain name points to our server instead of your old webserver.
  7. We test again just to be sure and resolve any issues if there are any; this is very rare as the testing has already been done.
  8. We then advise that you are ok to close the old account down.
  9. You enjoy trouble free website hosting from Cherry Orange.