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4th September 2019
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Although most of us are familiar with using Outlook as an email and diary facility, how many of us know what else this application from Microsoft can do for us.

Outlook was originally included in Office 97 and bundled with Exchange Server 5.5 and was one of the original emailing programs when emails started.  As time has moved on Outlook has been used increasingly in the business sector and the use of the application within Office 365 suite provides the latest and a continually updated version.

We are all familiar with the system but few of us have kept up with the additional facilities now available to us as the application has improved over the years.  Of course, the basics are still there but changes within each application are not always known to the end user.

“MAIL” and “CALENDAR” are regularly used by us all but not many are aware of the “PEOPLE” facility which allows users to collate contacts into several groups and is Ideal for use on projects and those in multiple teams.  Even fewer of us are aware or take advantage of the “TASK” feature and the multiple uses that this gives us to assist in our day to day organisation.  By raising a personal “TO DO” list for either today, this week, this month or undated, you have clear plan of how to prioritise your time and the ability to change groups, priority and email the item out to colleagues ensuring nothing is forgotten during the course of a busy working day.

The most underused feature within the outlook application is “NOTES”. It allows the user to type notes of anything and then email them direct to a contact or group and is particularly useful during informal meetings or team talks.  The ability to then convert these ideas or discussion notes into a document that is easily forwarded to a group or turned into a task as above.

There are also many other hidden features of this application that can be used with some custom setup and support which can help a business in its individual way of working, this article is just a glimpse into its major features.

With 365 Outlook there is also the benefit of the email storage and archiving processes that are invaluable in todays email driven business environment with exceptional uptime and delivery speeds meaning that you will not be the company on the phone asking if you emails have been delivered or explaining that your email has been hacked and sent our messages to all your contacts.

Its clear to see that with the reliance on email Outlook is one of the most used Microsoft applications and its potential can greatly benefit your working business day when used to its full capacity.

Please contact us to see how we help change you over to Office 365 and take advantage of MICROSOFT OUTLOOK.