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26th July 2019
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4th September 2019

Since the start of 2019, Microsoft have been rolling out its newest application in Office 365 – TEAMS.

Here at Cherry Orange, we have been using the new application for three months now and are finding it invaluable in enabling clear and concise communications between staff both in the office and when working remotely. The ability to install the app on our mobile devices enables contact to be maintained across the country and we have used it on several occasions when access to our email system via laptops or desktops has not been practical.

Group chat conversations can be set up with unlimited users allowing information to be shared without cluttering email boxes and works in conjunction with other Microsoft facilities such as outlook, calendars and other office applications used on a day to day basis. Meetings that are set up in “TEAMS” will automatically be added to your outlook calendar, reminders set and replies sent to accept or decline the invitation.

Guest users can be added at any time to a group chat and leaving a particular group is easily done as a departments staff change over time. There is no limit to how many groups you be part of at any one time, meaning project, departmental and individual chat conversations are all available.

The meeting and calls options allow remote workers to join meetings both audially or visually and guest users can again be added where necessary meaning outside project companies can join for the duration of a meeting without incurring travel costs and time. With a 44 language translation facility it is proving invaluable for overseas contacts and associates as companies trade around Europe and the world. The ability to attach and share files could mean a power-point presentation and minutes of meetings are accessible to all at a single click.

Microsoft TEAMS is proving to be an excellent secure, single location, instant application that will no doubt enhance any business that chooses to take advantage of it, and is already outstripping its rival application of Slack. Since Slack started in 2013 it has a daily user total of 10million. Compare this with Microsoft TEAMS current daily usage of 13 million and weekly usage of 19 Million (as of August 2019), its clear to see that Microsoft TEAMS has certainly hit the ground running and can only grow.

With the system continuing to be modified by Microsoft we’re sure the app will only see improved development moving forward.

Please contact us to see how we help change you over to Office 365 and take advantage of MICROSOFT TEAMS.