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Microsoft Office 365 Word

Since its launch in October 1983, MICROSOFT WORD and has been the universal word processing tool ever since. Forming the start of the Microsoft Office suite of programmes, Word was the beginning of what can only be called a revolution in document creation. Out went the electronic typewriter and in came computers with the addition of Microsoft Word the change was global.

Although the days of “Clippy” the cheeky paperclip assistant have gone, the use of spell checker, the ability to insert images, graphs and tables and change the layout of your document remain and the Office 365 package ensure that you are never out of date with the latest version of the application.

While there are other word processing applications available, Microsoft word is the most commonly used in business and has been for many years, having revolutionised document production in the workplace business interchange documents using this format on a daily basis.

The latest feature to Word is the new “DICTATE” feature which allows letters, documents, minutes and notes to be verbally dictated via a headset.  Clearly, the effectiveness and increased productivity available by taking advantage of this application are vast and yet another way that Microsoft continues to develop the multilingual package. In a global business environment with a simple click on any word document and selecting the “TRANSLATE” no country is inaccessible, and nothing is lost in translation which is crucial in the growing business world.

As part of the Microsoft Office Package, Word was historically a one-off purchase installed on each computer or laptop, but with the introduction of Office 365, there will be no need to buy the latest version as it is updated continuously as part of the licencing package.