Sonicwall Hardware Failover

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1st March 2012
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12th March 2012

In recent years Sonicwall firewalls have been used on a number of sites that we have worked on, the more cherry orange work with them and the revisions they make, the better these units seem to get.

We recently have been working with a couple of Sonicwall Pro 3060’s making them perform in a hardware failover situation.
Sonicwall make this a fairly straight forward task and list complete and detailed prerequisites in their documentation, we did however find a lack of explanation regarding the networking that is required prior to the failover pair.
The linking cable also had to be a cat6 crossover cable which although was in the prerequisites was quite far down the list and was missed by our eagerness to get the pair working correctly.

When this job was completed the primary switch could be powered down and the secondary unit would take over within 3 seconds, the setup we required was that when the primary unit was returned to a working state the units would sync and it would take over again although this was a very straight forward setting to change if you wanted the secondary switch to stay in use until you intervened.