Domain Registration

A website needs an address so that users can remember its "Web address" instead of the computers numeric address. This is what the domain name registration system is for, e.g. is registered to Cherry Orange and cannot be used by anyone else, if you have a company name we can find and register a domain name for and most importantly we register all names to our clients not ourselves. This means that you always own the domain name not us.

There are a number of ways to get a name that relates to your business even if your company name has already been taken. We run our own name servers so we have total control of how and where we re-route your traffic to, for example if you have your own email server we can divert the web traffic to our web server and the email traffic to your server.

Domain registration is nothing to worry about and we deal with it every day so we can guide you through the whole process.


Check to see if a domain is available

Domain: eg cherryorange
Then select your prefered top level domain.