Website Hosting

Website Hosting

Hosting is the term used for the server space and required software to keep a website visible to the world; websites themselves are a collection of files, images and scripts that are called upon when a user requests your website.

These servers are required to be switched on 24 hours a day 365 days a year which is often referred to as the availability and measured in a percentage of time over a year. Cherry Orange run to the "four nines" 99.99% uptime which means we will strive to ensure that downtime is no more than 52.56 minutes in a year or 1.01 minutes in a week. We believe in giving you an honest answer about how long our servers could be down as problems do arise, we feel that 99.99% uptime is excellent compared to other cheap hosting packages, and with our hosting services being fully managed you can rest assured that nobody will be doing anything on the server that could intervene with your website, after all it is your "shop window" and so not having it on display is not acceptable.

We outright purchase all our servers, do all maintenance out of business hours, and if any work is to take us below our 99.99% uptime then we will seamlessly shift the services to another server so that no downtime occurs.

The majority of our servers run the latest version of Microsoft windows and the latest version of IIS and If you require any more information about our website hosting then please get in touch.

Email Hosting

Emails are now a business critical requirement and are as important as telephones. Being able to stay in touch with your customers and receive their emails can make the difference between winning and losing business. Here at Cherry Orange we can supply secure stable Email solutions from different vendors depending on your business requirement.

Hosted Exchange

Outlook is without doubt the most popular business email application and can hold your contacts and calendar information, coupled with a smartphone Microsoft exchange can give you contact access to all of your outlook information. We can supply mailboxes in any quantity and even supply email retention in case the information you send and receive is of a sensitive nature that may need to be recalled in the future.

Mail Enable

For some of our customers a simple cheap email solution is all they required and due to this we supply the well-known Mail enable solution. This is feature rich and can be supply at a very reasonable cost; if the customer requires a rebranded solution this can also be supplied.