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30th April 2012
Website Design – Local Businesses
29th May 2012

If you have ever had a website and required the user to contact you then you have probably come across the issue of spam from your contact form, or if you have not had a contact form and just displayed your email address on the website then that has probably been “harvested” for use by spammers and you are receiving a lot of junk email.

We come across these scenarios quite often and for websites that are still just displaying their email address we recommend that we write them a contact us page so that the visitors can just enter their details and the form gets sent to the required email address, the advantages of this is that the website visitor does not have to copy your email address and put it in to their email client and also  you can have the form collect extra data that you require, like a booking slot or a preferred contact time.

If you have already have a contact form on your website you maybe struggling with false requests coming through, these are usually sent via robots scanning webpages for contact forms that are open and have no anti-spam measures on them, we can also be of help here and we use the “reCAPTCHA” services that is supplied by Google©.
This service is put at the bottom of the contact form and displays words and numbers so that the user has to enter them correctly before the contact form will send, these random words and numbers are in such a format that humans can read them but an automated robot can’t. The difference with the “reCAPTCHA” service is that each time it is used it is helping digitize thousands of books and newspapers that the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) gets wrong. Your website gets an anti-spam measure and without knowing your users are helping a great cause.

We have installed and configured reCAPTCHA on many pages so if you have not got a contact form on your website or you require an anti-spam measure to be put on your existing website contact form or Contact us page then please get in touch to discuss you requirements.

If you would like to read more about the reCAPTCHA service then please click here.