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10th May 2012
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26th June 2012

We have and are taking on a number of local businesses in and around the Midlands area and are surprised at how many of them are shocked that we will make slight amendments or a custom piece of website design without charging silly fees and sometimes free of charge.
Recently we heard of one Website Design Company charging for “bug fixes” in their own code, and another charged the customer for the backup of their webserver!
We are happy to say that if we think a good working relationship can be achieved then we will often go the extra mile and do a bit extra to make that business website have that extra functionality that your competitor has not got, or make that business system do something that only you require. If you feel that the Cherry Orange approach is a way of working that your businesses could benefit from then please get in touch as it costs nothing for a phone call and you too could be one of the recent Midlands businesses to join Cherry Orange.