What’s new at Cherry Orange

Microsoft finally admits defeat in the mobile war
11th October 2017
We’ve added a new service to our Client Portal
21st June 2019

There have been so many changes to Cherry orange since our last news post, its hard to know where to start.


Back in late 2017, Adrian became the proud owner of a new property and moved to the new premises as the only full-time member of the company.  We now have 2 full time and 2 part time members of staff as well as associates that are working on specialist agreements for us.

Our new premises means the we can we run the business with more permanent solutions and are no longer limited to serviced offices.  The move was prompted by the need to grow and expand, and this has certainly been achieved in the past year.

The move has facilitated a much larger dedicated server room with a more efficient cooling system and we have also achieved a vastly improved level of connectivity than was previously unattainable in the smaller location.  This in turn has allowed us to plan for the long-term growth of the company and we have seen an increase for enquiries requesting information about our Managed, Reactive and Pay As You Go services.


Business has continued to grow for both us and our customer base.  New contracts have been signed and many small companies have been able to grow with the ongoing support of our IT services.  One of our larger contractors has now merged with an international household name and we continuing to support them in the change over that will integrate them into their global systems over the next two years.


The security of our client’s data is paramount to us.

Since Adrian started the business in 2008, we are proud to say that we have never had a security breach and would like to ensure this continues to be the case.  One of the upcoming threats that faces businesses is not a technical one but one that involves the human element. We are at present updating our security process with the help and assistance of all our clients and although this takes time it will assist us in the protection of our clients valued work.


We continue to invest heavily both with time, equipment, systems and staff to continue to provide the service our customers deserve.  Continuous investment in our equipment and systems ensure that we have the latest trusted technology available to support our clients. Investing time in our ongoing staff training ensures that the support to our customers is of the best quality and accurate.


Adrian has and continues to work tirelessly to improve the accreditations and partnerships we are proud to be associated with.  These now include:

  • Silver Microsoft Partnership
  • Microsoft Education Reseller
  • 3CX Partner
  • HP Business Partner
  • Veeam Partners
  • Sophos


Our new 3CX phone system has proved invaluable in our ability to process calls to and from our clients, as well as the new enquiries we receive.

3CX is a system that we are pleased to recommend and will shortly be installing the phones at one of our ongoing clients.  Since it is a system we use ourselves the support and knowledge we have for this new technology will be invaluable to them.


Rob joined the team in Spring 2018 and has proved a key player in the technical side of the business.

Fiona is our latest recruit and has been brought in to assist with the increased administrative need and the progression of support tickets raised by our clients.