Wireless Portal – Captive Portal

Overheating computers & Servers
4th August 2014
Damaged Network Cable
24th September 2014

Well the summer is coming to an end and my holiday is feeling like a long time ago.

We have had a tremendous summer with some really impressive computer and PC systems installed and configured, whilst I am working on getting the information of that work published I thought I would share a really interesting job that I have completed in the last week.

As you may know we are located in Oak Tree House Measham and were recently commissioned to install and supply a wireless network to the office tenants using a simple and low cost method.
Due to the requirements we have built and configured a “captive portal” or “wireless portal” so that all users in the building can access the internet when required. The use of the portal is to monitor and restrict access and conserve bandwidth so that internet access is fair to all users.

This has been such a success that we are currently building another two if these setups to have in stock ready for the next request.
The portal was tailored by us and we can tailor to represent any business so that the system represents your business image.

A few of the key points of the system are:

·         Dedicated wireless/captive portal machine.

·         Can support multiple access points.

·         Can have custom theme applied

·         Supports username & password access

·         Limits bandwidth to user account

·         Limits access to host network

·         Stops peer to peer traffic from consuming all network traffic

·         No licensing costs

A screen shot of the captive portal in use.